Currently in force bylaws:

Proposed bylaw changes for February 2018 (posted 31 January to comply with 7-day notice requirement) vote on 8 Feb 2018:

Information about proposed changes:
Due to the declining size of the organization, we can no longer support a board-style neighborhood association. Based on recommendations from the Neighborhood Alliance, we are changing to a “Leadership Team” style association. Leadership Teams split the workload as needed and the only formal position is that of Treasurer. With a board-style orgnaization, each office has a particular role, and there simply hasn’t been the manpower to fill each office in the last couple years. Other changes include codifying past changes that didn’t get updated such as how automatic dues payments are handled and our new mission as define by the board at a retreat in Spring 2017. Please contact the board, soon to be the Leadership Team, if you have any questions or objections, OR attend the Annual General Meeting next week for the vote.