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Plants are in the ground…

What a big day the community garden had! From sifting compost (uber cool design by Mary, Chris and Ron) for the most glorious foundation for our little organic plants fresh from Sunrise Acres to sorting out wood chips (and creative little tables for our upcoming conversation pit) for a divine pathway through our pocket prairie pollinator garden we rolled our sleeves up and we got the job done. What a heavenly community of gardeners, some familiar with gardening and some just willing to learn, together we make a pretty awesome space. Join us any Saturday, we love new neighbors joining us. We worked all morning and then a couple of us headed south to the coolest organic farmers we know and bought flats of plants. Before the rains came we were able to make solid headway to a bountiful harvest we know is coming! Here is what our mouths are watering for…more herbs-we added Cuban oregano, sweet marjoram, basil (of these cool varieties-genovie, holy, cinnamon, lime) parsley, dill bouquet and more fennel all nestled up to our amazing rosemary 3 season big, spicy and regular oregano, bronze fennel and lovely blooming chives. Okra (oh how successful it was last season, mmmmm), tomatoes planted deep in these varieties-bumblebee minis(remember those little striped jewels fresh off the vine?), a new sturdy big red meant to bush with out stakes (anticipating a big tomato win for our tastebuds with this one) and of course some hopeful cherry tomatoes for Jill’s caprese to die for. Eggplant, cucumbers and the DTF special, lemon cucumbers! Eightball squash, yellow squash and green zucchini are all mounded up for yielding a grilled favorite. We added watermelon (sugar baby) and ambrosia cantaloupe to keep our strawberries and pumpkins company! Tucked into this oasis you can also find our Yukon gold and purple Cherokee potato plants growing lush. Jenn and Ben may fly home for this harvest! Onions and beets are ready for a blow your mind tasty roasting while the arugula spices up your salad. Green beans and peppers will be planted this week. Thank each and every one of you as we grow on!

Whistle while you work…

what a lovely day to be in the community garden among friends, neighbors and upcoming seedlings. The early Spring work days are the foundation laying days for bountiful days to follow, please join us each and every Saturday morning at 8am and work with us as long as your schedule may allow! We collaborate about Projects at hand and the big dreams for the future of the garden such as a May dinner party, straw bale garden for squash and zucchini, trellis with climbing beauties, soon to fly colorful new flags, chairs for connecting with neighbors and a very exciting opportunity to be featured in local “must read” publication! Eleven committed souls showed up for an early morning dig, plot and plan session that reaped big reward…

We got the new plantings all bedded down in the most lovely golden straw, began some excavation up front for our new 8 Adirondack chair conversation pit, and created a perfect compost sifting station all while connecting, watering, weeding, digging and planning! Thank you for putting on your gloves and being a part! With the new arrivals coming up we are full speed ahead on our watering schedule, please note the schedule and let me know if you can commit to any open spots (it takes about an hour and a half and I know for me it a blessed time on my early morning Tueday as the sun is rising up to shine on our little garden) Sunday-Francine/Wynde Monday-Luke/Shelley Tuesday– Shelley/Jill Wednesday-Mary (Midtown Jazz night at 7pm come one come all) Thursday– open Friday-open and Saturday– Trey (also workday 8 or whenever you can make it until we are finished for the day often followed by brunch somewhere walkable!) Thank you and grow on, Shelley

With a little help from our friends…

Planting full speed ahead! Potatoes, Yukon gold and purple along with our favorite little Napoli carrots and sorrel. In a bed not far way is 4 lovely rows of rainbow Swiss chard and more salad bowl lettuce planted from seeds donated by our garden friends at CommonWealth. Still growing from winter planting we have beets, kale, brussel sprouts and lots of very hearty and fragrant herbs. Please consider which day you would like to commit to watering (all new hoses and sprayer this season!) this season and reach out to me either by email, commenting here or texting-you may even wish to pick up the phone and call or drop by the garden every Saturday morning at 8 until we call it done! Thanks so much for growing as a community right here in the urban garden downtown OKC! On Wednesday nights at 7pm our amazing Midtown has jazz night crawl so join us in the garden for evening connection with super tunes inspiring us from all around!

Basil joining oregano next week

Kale chips and roasted beets!

Roasted with basalmic glaze soon!

Can’t wait to harvest these jewels

Welcome to our community garden!

Dear Community Gardeners,
Urban Neighbors Community Garden is a community growing space dedicated to organically growing vegetables, herbs and flowers in the company of friends and neighbors. We partner with Fertile Ground in composting; in essence creating amazing soil. Olthia and The Nature Conservancy worked in our space to create a pocket prairie garden which hosts super pollinators keeping with our mission of all things sustainable. Participation comes with responsibility and a bountiful harvest!

The blog is intended to be a connection tool for us as we grow crops from the soil and expand knowledge as well as experience in the garden . Meet me here for organizing our thoughts on the garden, introducing new gardeners and people that keep the garden running smoothly with updates, recipes and opportunities.

I hope you find this blog useful – follow our garden on Instagram at urbangardendokc. We will also keep you advised on the Urban Neighbors website, Facebook page and via twitter at urbanneighbors.
Let’s enjoy a bountiful gardening season!

Shelley Pruitt,
Sustainability Chair for
Urban Neighbors
PO Box 1333
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73101
Phone: 405.326.6011