2017 GO Bond Elections and YOU

Tonight your Urban Neighbors Board attended the kick-off meeting held jointly by the City of Oklahoma City and the Neighborhood Alliance, for neighborhood leaders from throughout the city. From this meeting we have much to share, which we will do in the coming months, but for now here’s what’s critical to know:

  • GO (general obligation) Bond funding provides for capital improvement funding for city projects over the next several years (2007 GO Bond programs are still actively under construction!)
  • The election is in September 2017
  • The citizen awareness campaign goes through the end of February 2017, you will have no opportunity for input beyond that date!
  • There are TWO surveys to complete, the general resident survey (can be completed online), and the neighborhood survey (CANNOT be completed online). Make sure you and your neighbors complete BOTH surveys!
  • The city, Neighborhood Alliance, and your Urban Neighbors will be holding information sessions over the next few months. There will also be AT LEAST one community workshop per ward, so you will have several opportunities for engagement!
  • Everything you need to know is online