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YES!!! These bags are designed to last for years! They are made of PAPER and you can wash them in a WASHING MACHINE! However, and you knew there was one, DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER! A dryer cycle will definitely degrade its life. Let it air dry!

If you’re wondering how to get one, well, you should have attended our UN10 event! But since you didn’t, as of this writing we do have a few left. You, or rather, your guest, can get one if you bring someone NEW to a monthly social.

Thanks again to our bag sponsors Native Roots, Beck Design, A Good Egg Dining Group, and Shelley Pruitt! And to Walker Companies for making them for us!

If you live in downtown Oklahoma City, you live in the BID (business improvement district [comprised of all the downtown districts]), which is managed by the non-profit organization Downtown Oklahoma City Partnership. Your assessment goes towards improvements and activities downtown that are above and beyond what the city does with its sales tax revenue. All property owners (individuals and businesses) in the BID pay this assessment. Here is a video presentation by Downtown OKC:

As long as you are an “active subscriber” at the time of the annual general meeting we are happy. However, if you are not using our PayPal subscription, and are paying by cash, check, or credit card, we prefer that you pay in February for the current year, even if you just paid in, say, September, but then you will be good for the entire year, and your membership will be reset to be inline with our membership year, which begins in February.

Unfortunately, Paypal does not give us the option to present you with quantities when you subscribe to a membership. However, it also doesn’t stop you from subscribing more than once. So, all you need to do is subscribe for each person you need a membership for, even if you just have one PayPal account between you.

On every page of the UN website, on the left sidebar, when there is an upcoming wine dinner, there will be a ticket purchasing option as well:

Additionally, when there are tickets to be purchased, the wine dinner page itself will detail purchasing options.

If you did not use the PayPal subscribe button on our website to pay for your dues (e.g. you paid with cash, check, or credit card in person), you’ll a have to contact us to check our records regarding your membership status. However, if you did use the PayPal subscribe button, there’s a handy page on the PayPal website that shows your pre-approved payments:

To find this manually:

  1. Login to your PayPal account.
  2. Click on the settings gear icon on the top right.
  3. Click on Payments.
  4. Scroll down and click on the Manage Pre-Approved Payments button as shown:

  5. Once on the Manage Pre-Approved Payments screen, filter the list to “Active”, and you should see “Urban Neighbors, Association” as active. If you do not, your subscription is not active, and you are clear to subscribe!

If you move or simply no longer wish to be a member, but are still subscribed to annual payments to UN and want to cancel, you’ll need to login to your PayPal account, and do the following:

  1. Login to your PayPal account.
  2. Click on the settings gear icon on the top right.
  3. Click on Payments.
  4. Scroll down and click on the Manage Pre-Approved Payments button as shown:

  5. Once on the Manage Pre-Approved Payments screen, filter the list to “Active”, and you should see “Urban Neighbors, Association” as active. Click on Urban Neighbors, Association as shown:

  6. Under “Subscription Details”, click Cancel as shown:

On the top left of of every web page on our site, there is a drop-down menu with a list of options. Simply choose an option and click “Subscribe”. This will take you to PayPal to complete the processes. Note that this will enroll you into an annual subscription for UN dues. We prefer this option as it saves our small organization the processing work of alternatives (invoicing, etc). However, if you prefer to pay via cash or check, simply come to a social with your payment and find a board member to take your info.

We are downtown OKC’s neighborhood association, dedicated to civic advocacy, charity, and community involvement.

We are a direct conduit to and representative of out residential membership to the City of Oklahoma City, area businesses, and other community support structures. For example, if you are a downtown property owner and have questions regarding your BID fees, as a voting member of the BID Board of Directors, we can engage the board on your behalf.

Please simply contact us and we’ll get you on the list to host a social or perhaps another UN event (such as a wine dinner)!

BTW, you should consider becoming a business member!

NO! All are welcome to our socials and other activities, though sometimes you’ll be charged (or charged more) for being a non-member (for example, at wine dinners). Socials are always free to attend, and non-residents can become an associate member to help support the organization and its causes. Membership is very inexpensive and practically pays for itself in perks.

There are a few dog parks downtown:

There’s also a downtown doggie daycare, the Ninth Street Barking Lot, as well as a downtown veterinary clinic, Midtown Vets, and a boutique/dog wash, Bone.

For groceries, there’s always Native Roots, your downtown corner grocer. If they don’t have what you need, ask them and they may stock it for you!

There are also many convenience stores downtown where you can get basic items. Adjacent to downtown, within a 1-2 mile radius there are plenty of choices, such as Homeland, Braum’s Fresh Market, and Super Cao Nguyen. Even bulk shopping is not far, with the 39th/May Sam’s Club being just five miles away.

For retail shopping, we encourage you to keep it local and try the many downtown retail shops first, but all three major OKC malls (Penn Square, Quail Springs, Outlet Shoppes) are also accessible by bus via the downtown transit center.

See something, say something! If you see a problem that is immediately actionable, contact the city action center! If you see a bigger problem, contact your city councilor (either Ward 6 or Ward 7 for downtown)!

Want to be more active in your city government? First, pay attention to what’s happening with your government! City council meetings are every Tuesday morning, try attending one, or watching on the public access channel (Cox channel 20, or via YouTube). Not enough? Consider volunteering for citizen advisory roles.

The best thing you can do is volunteer to be a board member or committee member. If you don’t have time for that, joining and attending socials helps our business members.

Don’t forget you can always work in the community garden, help is always needed!

First, you should contact your city councilor (for downtown, which is either Ward 6/Meg Salyer, or Ward 7/John Pettis) to express your desire for city recycling access in multi-family facilities.

Second, remember that every Goodwill of Central Oklahoma is a recycling center. They take nearly everything. If in doubt, ask them!

Third, see our handy sustainability map for the locations of downtown recycle bins for your daily needs.

See our handy neighborhood map.

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