With a little help from our friends…

Planting full speed ahead! Potatoes, Yukon gold and purple along with our favorite little Napoli carrots and sorrel. In a bed not far way is 4 lovely rows of rainbow Swiss chard and more salad bowl lettuce planted from seeds donated by our garden friends at CommonWealth. Still growing from winter planting we have beets, kale, brussel sprouts and lots of very hearty and fragrant herbs. Please consider which day you would like to commit to watering (all new hoses and sprayer this season!) this season and reach out to me either by email, commenting here or texting-you may even wish to pick up the phone and call or drop by the garden every Saturday morning at 8 until we call it done! Thanks so much for growing as a community right here in the urban garden downtown OKC! On Wednesday nights at 7pm our amazing Midtown has jazz night crawl so join us in the garden for evening connection with super tunes inspiring us from all around!

Basil joining oregano next week

Kale chips and roasted beets!

Roasted with basalmic glaze soon!

Can’t wait to harvest these jewels

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