Welcome to our community garden!

Dear Community Gardeners,
Urban Neighbors Community Garden is a community growing space dedicated to organically growing vegetables, herbs and flowers in the company of friends and neighbors. We partner with Fertile Ground in composting; in essence creating amazing soil. Olthia and The Nature Conservancy worked in our space to create a pocket prairie garden which hosts super pollinators keeping with our mission of all things sustainable. Participation comes with responsibility and a bountiful harvest!

The blog is intended to be a connection tool for us as we grow crops from the soil and expand knowledge as well as experience in the garden . Meet me here for organizing our thoughts on the garden, introducing new gardeners and people that keep the garden running smoothly with updates, recipes and opportunities.

I hope you find this blog useful – follow our garden on Instagram at urbangardendokc. We will also keep you advised on the Urban Neighbors website, Facebook page and via twitter at urbanneighbors.
Let’s enjoy a bountiful gardening season!

Shelley Pruitt,
Sustainability Chair for
Urban Neighbors
PO Box 1333
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73101
Phone: 405.326.6011

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